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Food is nothing less than a love story that involves planning, patience, science, maths and more importantly that perfect pinch of care that one adds to make any dish a hit or a miss. Our entire food philosophy revolves around making the best possible use of these factors to curate a fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

We intend to recapture the olden times where cooking was more than just a task or a daily affair. 1900 AD, where everything was done with bare hands, be it chopping, kneading the dough, blending spices, cooking to actually serving the food, man used his hands to cook and serve without using any machinery like we have in modern times. We strive to replicate this and showcase our love for food, blended with exemplary culinary skills, using the best of the ingredients in their purest forms, the technique of slow cooking in clay pots, along with the food science that goes in together for a fine dining experience being delivered right at home!

slow cooked to perfection

Authentic Flavourful Food


The soul of our Kitchen Love Story is Slow Cooking. We are presenting our guests an experience which is achieved by using the age-old technique of  leisurely cooking, where the purest form of bona-fide Indian ingredients – desi ghee, mustard oil, rock salt et al are slowly and intelligently incorporated to allow the customers to savour our delicious food. The slow cooking process and the porous nature of clay pots add moisture and allow the heavenly aromas to stay in the pot without losing any nutritional value, hence making it flavoursome and healthy. It also imparts a unique earthy flavour to every dish. Our signature charcoal-smoking adds a lip-smacking flavour to food and is one of the earliest methods of cooking in the annals of history! This Slow – Cooking of food breaks down the ingredients differently (as the food is cooked on low heat and the heat spreads evenly across the base of the vessel) resulting in delicious preparations with distinct tastes, aromas and textures!

We strive to provide an experience of having partaken food that delights and intrigues in equal measure!

What They Say About Us

What were not expecting was to have our taste buds blown away


From the starters until the very end, the food is out of this world


Good quality food and the service of a very high standard


An experience you want to relive again and again

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